T1S5 Swivel Stand (for T1 series Touch Monitor/ M1 series Portable Monitor)

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T1S5 Swivel Stand
T1S5 Aluminum Alloy Monitor Bracket

360°, Beyond Flexiblity and Stability

The T1S5 swivel stand is designed to support both horizontal & vertical bi-orientation applications for T1 series touch monitors. The stand base is large enough to securely hold the monitor’s center of gravity, providing a stable touch operation. With its turntable and support arms, the monitor can rotate 360 degrees and adjust for height and tilt angle. The T1S5 stand can not only be used with a second monitor in a personal office, but it can also be used as factory/commercial equipment for easily building up flexible workstations, terminals, and countertop screens.


Support VESA 75
Horizontal & vertical Dual Applications

With VESA 75mm x 75mm holes, the T1S5 stand is suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation. It allows you not only to display the common landscape layout, but also portrait layout for vertically displaying menu, etc. For self-service kiosks, storefront digital signage, and exhibition halls/art galleries, the installed direction can be flexibly changed according to the content.

 360° Turntable
Steer in One Second for Instant Sharing

The turntable of T1S5 stand has just right torque. You can easily adjust the screen orientation 360 degrees by giving it a slight turn. There is a stop design inside the turntable, which prevent it sliding around after the angle is set. For personal use, you can share the screen with colleagues sitting next to you. At the service counter, the staff can also turn the monitor at any time to allow customers to view the screen contents, to touch and check or to handwrite their signatures, making the service process smoother.


Any Height/Angle As You Wish
Develop Your Own Vision
The arms of the stand are designed with two pivoting sections. Use the bracket handle to pull the support arm to raise or lower the monitor and to change the tilt angle at will. As long as the monitor's center of gravity remains within the base, it can be adjusted in any way you like!

*Warning! When adjusting the monitor angle, keep the monitor's center of gravity within the range of the turntable to prevent the monitor from tilting over during use!
*Attention! If the bracket or the lower edge of the monitor is lower than the base, the monitor will collide with the base when rotating and cannot be rotated.

Made of Aluminum Alloy
Stable, Durable but Not Heavey
The stand is made of aluminum alloy, lightweight, high strength, and one-piece structured. The wide stand base, specially adopted to fit 15.6" touch monitor, allows 11-15" touch monitors to stand securely on the desktop.

A feast for Experience & Vision
Build A Personal Workstation
The T1S5 stand can also be adopted with M1 series monitors. Secure the quick release wall bracket (optional) to the T1S5 through the VESA 75 holes, and then plug the M1 monitor in. Both horizontal/vertical dual orientation installations are supported. You can change the screen height and tilt angle at demand as well. When discussing with colleagues, simply use the turntable to rotate the monitor to share! When you need to move the monitor, just press the button on the quick release buckle and you can take it out in a second!

 Horizontal & Vertical Installation


The T1S5 Stand is ergonomically designed to flexibly adjust the display height and orientation according to your height and habits. The high-quality aluminum alloy also enhances the aesthetics of worktable and commercial spaces. Breaking the limitations of traditional desktop monitors, T1S5 stand makes T1 monitor more flexible for both personal and business use.


Product Name
T1S5 Stand

T151A/B, T152C, T131A/B, T111A, T112C
M161H, M152H, M141E(Note! To apply to M1 series monitors, a installed Quick Release Wall Mount Bracket (VESA 75) (optional) is required before mounting the monitor on the T1S5 Swivel Stand)



Aluminum alloy, Stainless steel, PC, Silicone

Bluish Grey

Hex wrench and socket ×1 set ; M4 Screws (black) ×4 pcs ; Cable Strap ×2 pcs

The T1S5 desktop swivel stand can be used with T1 series monitors. After attaching the monitor on the bracket with the VESA 75 Screw holes on the back of the T1 monitor, you can adjust the height and tilt angle of the monitor by using the stand's support arms. There is a 360-degree rotation function on the stand base, which allows you to steplessly rotate the monitor's orientation.

Adjustable Heigh Range
1.2cm (min.) ~ 9.6cm (max.) (measured from bracket bottom edge)

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