Limited Warranty

  1. GeChic provides one-year limited warranty for the products which are sold form the website.
  2. Warranted period counts from the shipping date. Please provide the order number or invoice for verification; for the customer who cannot bring up the shipping date, the warranted period will be count by the product’s SN(serial number).
  3. GeChic can’t provide global warranty service. For any case of repair or maintenance, the round-trip shipment shall be done by the customer. In the warranted period, if the customer applies for warranty service, the customer have to ship the product to GeChic  Taiwan. Gechic will repair the product or replace the same class component or finished product.
  4. If the product you purchase has a breakdown within 7 days of arrival and the breakdown is not caused by the reasons in” Warranty Coverage and Exception>Item2 to Item 6”, please refer to the Return and Refund.

Warranty Coverage and Exception

  1. The product-in-itself has breakdown during normal operating or using within warranty period, GeChic will provide repair without maintenance and material charge.
  2.  For the following conditions, Gechic has a right to charge maintenance and material fee:

         2-1 The period of one-year-warranty has expired or the period cannot be verified.

         2-2 Any breakdown caused by using the product without following the instructions of manual.

2-3 Damages are caused by irresistible factors (e.g., natural disaster including flooding, fire, earthquakes, lightning, typhoons, tornados, landslip, pests, and etc.), sabotage (percussion, bending, trampling, scratching, tossing, dismantling, high temperature, high humidity, water damage, using the inappropriate voltage, and etc.), and any condition of abnormal using or not be safekeeping .

3. Wear and tear caused by normal operating and using is not covered in the warranty coverage.

4. The breakdown or damage caused by assembling any component or installing any software which are unauthorized by GeChic is not covered in the warranty coverage.

5. The consumable parts including cable, cover, stand, cloth wipe, cap, clip, screw, packaging bag, packaging box, and instruction manual is not covered in the warranty coverage.

6.  The breakdown or damage caused by shipment, please send GeChic customer service center the photos within 3 days of arrival. GeChic will appeal the case to the post office. Once the damage case is agreed by the two-end post offices, Gechic will resend the product or refund the payment to the customer. Please be aware that Gechic can't be responsible for any arrival damage case that didn't inform us within 3 days with photo evidences.

7. The repair fee includes component cost, labor cost and return shipping fee.

8. The repair fee is quoted and charged by New Taiwan dollar(NTD) or United States Dollar (USD).  The repair fee can be paid via Paypal invoice payment procedure.

9. GeChic will contact you before we repair your product and quote the repair fee and process the repair only when you agree to pay for this service.


RMA Process 

1. Initial Trouble Shooting

Please look the issues up in the user’s manual and FAQs on GeChic official website

2. Search for Customer Service’s Help

If you still can’t solve the issue, please mail or call the customer service hotline+886 4 23198080 for our help.(Please describe the device, operation system which you use the On-Lap monitor with. Or send us the picture of the monitor’s issue which can help us to clarify the reasons.)

3. Ascertain the issue of the product

Customer service team will reply you for the solution. If the product need to be repaired. Our customer center may quote the repair fee (if any) in advance if the breakdown issue has been confirmed.

4. Send the product  to Taiwan 

The user needs to pack the product including its accessories and cover well and send it back to Taiwan GeChic Corp. If the color box didn’t be retained, please fill the package with bubble wrap to prevent damage from collision in shipping.

5. Repairing

After receiving the product you sent, the maintenance engineers will test and check the product for few days. Customer Center will reply you with the result about the issue and quotation (if any).

We’ll send you a bill by PayPal if you agree to have the product repaired. Please pay before repairing.

It would cost 10 to 14 business days.

6. Send the product back 

We will freight the product to the user after completing the repairing and retesting.